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What makes Tan Junkies Rapid Tanning Gels Better than others?

by Chris Bray 10 May 2022 0 Comments
What makes Tan Junkies Rapid Tanning Gels Better than others? - Tan Junkie

Tanning gels have been available on the UK market for many years. Many of these products are rebranded and relabeled using keywords to attract people looking for a quick, flawless tan.

Do you know what you are buying?

Buyers are unaware of how tanning gel products are made or do not know if they have been imported from China and sold without correct safety measurements. 

You can find that most watermelon tanning gels are all the same and they are usally bought from Alibaba and rebranded. 

Sellers should register all cosmetic products with the Office for Product Safety and Standards, known as OPSS. It is illegal to sell cosmetic products in the UK without notifying the OPSS; This ensures that all cosmetic products meet a quality standard and make sure that no nasty chemical substances are sold to consumers. 

Every cosmetic product placed on the GB market must have a responsible person registered.

You can be assured that Tan Junkie's products have been registered on the cosmetic portal for the UK and EU.

What's in our tanning gels?

As we have mentioned above, many of the tanning gels on the market contain nasty chemicals or alcohol that can be bad for the skin and tanning equipment such as sunbeds. Some tanning creams or gels can damage the plastics on the sunbeds.

We wanted to create our tanning gel that is hand made in the UK to be natural and safe to use while tanning on sunbeds or in the natural light. 

We approached a well known cosmetic consultant that helped us put our ideas into reality with research and development; this process took over six months to find a suitable tanning gel.

The idea was to make a natural tanning product that could reduce the amount of time you need in the sun to make it golden brown. It also had to be suitable for all skin types, and it must be safe to use in all environments.

We use no nasty chemicals, and you will find that our tanning gels contain nothing but natural ingredients and are all hand-blended in the UK.

What makes our tanning gels better? 

When you Tan Junkes tanning gel, you know that the product is safe to use; it's natural and works!

We are currently stocked in many sunbed shops in the northeast, and we are looking to expand across the UK.

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