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What is Melanotan 2 ?

Melanotan 2 (also known as MT2) was first discovered and synthesized at the University of Arizona. Researches knew that one of the best safeguards against skin cancer was to increase melanin activity in the skin, a tan. They believed that an efficient way to decrease skin cancer rates in people would be to produce the body’s natural pigmentary system to provide a shielding tan before UV exposure. They introduced to test to see if administering MSH a natural hormone to the body to see if it was an effective method to generate sunless tanning. What they found was that while it seemed to work, natural MSH had a short half-life in the body to be practical. So they determined to find a more robust and stable option, one that would be more effective.

After synthesising and eliminating hundreds of peptide molecules, the researchers uncovered a peptide, (Nle4, D-Phe7) MSH, that was around 1,000 times more effective than the natural MSH. They identified this peptide molecule, “Melanotan” The experts thought to use this peptide to battle melanoma by stimulating the body’s natural pigmentary mechanism to produce a natural tan without first requiring exposure to harmful levels of UV radiation. Wiki link

Nasal Melanotan 2

Tan Junkie nasal spray or nasal tanners carry a peptide called Melanotan 2 which stimulates the natural melanin production in your skin. You can use our tanning nasal spray and produce a superstar tan with minimal sun exposure. Even if you hold the fairest of complexions and don’t usually develop a tan in the sun, a tanning nasal spray is an excellent way for you to get a rich golden tan without too much sun exposure.

In addition to the tanning benefits of our nasal tanning spray, libido can slightly increase, and your appetite can somewhat reduce when using our Melanotan 2 nasal tanners. 

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