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Everything You Need To Know About Nasal Tan

by Chris Bray 05 May 2022 2 Comments
Every Thing You Need To Know About Nasal Tan - Tan Junkie

A quick spray up your nostril promises a sun-kissed glow. However, the murky waters of legality and safety surrounding nasal tanners in the UK raise concerns. This post dives into the world of nasal tanners, shedding light on their mechanism, legality, and potential risks.

What are tanning nasal sprays?

Nasal tanning sprays are an unlicenced drug in the UK. It contains a peptide called Melanotan II, which hasn't undergone any testing, which means the long-term effects are unknown.

Tanning nasal sprays come in a nasal applicator, usually in a 5ml or 10ml application; they are sold and marketed with high quality, double strength or even triple strength.

However, a recent study revealed "the actual Melanotan II content in vials varied from 4.32 to 8.84 mg, despite claims from sellers of containing 10, 20, or 30 mg." Interestingly, this study also discovered that up to 6% of the content in some Melanotan II products consisted of unknown impurities."

Do I have to use tanning nasal spray?

No, Tanning Nasals are not needed. You can use our tanning accelerator  lotions to achieve a natural tan, and they are just as good as a tanning nasal spray.

How do nasal tanners work?

Primarily, nasal tans darken the skin to mimic a tan. They also may suppress appetite, although not their intended use. Melanotan II stimulates melanin production, the pigment darkening the skin upon binding to melanocortin receptors in the skin.

Always mix nasal tan yourself!

You can buy nasal tanners from all over the internet,  but do you know what you are getting? 

If opting for nasal tans, avoid pre-mixed solutions. The active ingredient loses effectiveness when pre-mixed and could harbour bacteria if left in the heat.

How to mix nasal tan.

Mixing your nasal tan is straight forward! First, check that you have received everything that is required. 

  • The Active Ingredient (MT2) is usually a solid white powder in a small glass jar. Each tan vial should be secure with a flip-off cap and a rubber seal. Each vial contains 10mg of the active ingredient.
  • Empty nasal spray applicator. 
  • Mixing water, usually saline water. 
  • A syringe is used to mix the saline water into the active ingredient.
  1. Flip the cap off the vial and use the syringe to draw 1 ml of saline water into the powder vial.
  2. Ensure you fully dissolve the white powder in the vial before proceeding to step 2.
  3. Now use the syringe to withdraw the active ingredient from the glass vial to the nasal applicator.
  4. Top up the nasal applicator with the mixing solution. If you have a 5ml applicator, you will need to add 4ml. If you are using 10ml, add 9ml
  5. Screw the nasal applicator lid onto the bottle and, once used, place it in the Fridge or cool location.
  6. Dispose of the rest of the items. You have now successfully mixed your nasal tan.

If you have bought a double-strength or triple-strength, the process will be the same, but you should have 2 or 3 vials of the active ingredients.

How to use nasal tanners.

Nasal tanners are so popular as they are easy to use. Put the nasal applicator up your nostril and push it down on the applicator twice.

For optimal results, users should spray each nostril once daily and then use a sunbed or bathe in the sun for 5-10 minutes immediately after applying the nasal spray.

How to maintain your tan with nasal tanners.

Once you have the bronze shade you desire, stop using the nasal spray daily, use it 1 – 2 times a week, and reduce the sunbed sessions. You will only need a low single 10mg of nasal tan in the maintenance stage.

What are the side effects of tanning nasal sprays?

Some of the side effects of tanning nasal sprays are:

  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Diarrhoea.
  • Dizziness.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Facial flushing.
  • Increased pigmentation of the skin and nails.
  • Increased moles/ darkening of moles.
  • Increased libido. 

Why are nasal tanners popular in the UK

Nasal tanners have been sold for many years; the recent boom in popularity was from influencers advertising them on TikTok social media platforms.

Initially sold as tanning injections, nasal tanners have evolved. Melanotan is available in various forms, including tanning drops, nasal sprays, gummies, and Melanotan shots.

Do we recommend nasal tan?

Tan Junkie would not recommend nasal tan, but the popularity increase on Tiktok and other social media platforms has created a vision that these products are safe to use.

We aimed to develop products for nasal tan users to use Tan Junkie products to replace nasal tanning or injections.

We have a great range to select from; we recommend you try our products before using an unlicensed product. All of our products are certified and registered in the UK & EU.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse nasal tanners, So we have developed alternative tanning products. Please find more information about our unique tanning accelerators on our product pages.



Nasal Tan Questions Answered

FAQs on Nasal Tanners

Got questions about nasal tanners? We've got answers. Here's a rundown on some of the most common queries:

Are Nasal Tanners Safe?

The safety of nasal tanners, especially those containing Melanotan II, is questionable due to their unlicensed status and lack of clinical testing. The long-term effects on health are unknown, making them a risky choice.

Are Nasal Tanners Illegal in the UK?

Authorities do not license nasal tanners containing Melanotan II for sale in the UK, leading to unclear legality. Being aware of your region's laws regarding such products is crucial.

Can Nasal Tanners Cause Pigmentation?

Yes, nasal tanners can lead to increased skin pigmentation, which can sometimes be uneven. They can also cause darkening of the skin and nails, as well as an increase in the number or darkness of moles.

Can Nasal Tanners Make You Sick?

There have been reports of side effects like nausea, vomiting, and dizziness associated with using nasal tanners.

Can Nasal Tanners Go Out of Date?

Similar to other products, nasal tanners expire. Actively checking their expiration date is essential to guarantee their effectiveness and safety. Be cautious, as most nasal tanners don't have labels. Additionally, the active peptide in the solution degrades over time. Some sellers keep mixed nasal tanners for months before selling, which could mean you might be purchasing an ineffective product.

Do Nasal Tanners Work Without Sunbeds?

Nasal tanners can produce some effect without sunbeds, but they are often used with UV exposure to enhance the tanning process.

Do Nasal Tanners Need to Be Kept in the Fridge?

Once mixed, storing nasal tanners in a fridge or a cool place is recommended to maintain their efficacy and prevent bacterial growth.

What's in Nasal Spray Tanners?

Most nasal spray tanners feature Melanotan II, a peptide that stimulates melanin production. However, reports have indicated the presence of unknown impurities in some of these products.

Nasal Tan Safe Alternatives

Looking for safer alternatives to nasal tanners? We recommend exploring our collection of sunbed creams for a natural and safe tanning experience.

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