Every Thing You Need To Know About Nasal Tan

Always Mix Nasal Tan Yourself!

You can buy nasal tanners from all over the internet, but do you know what you are getting? We have seen an increase in nasal tan being sold as a pre-mixed nasal solution. We would highly recommend against this! The reason being did you know that the active ingredient decreases in its effectiveness as soon as you mix the product! not only this, but the water that is used to mix the Melanotan (MT2), if left in the heat, could generate nasty bacteria. This is why you must mix your nasal tan or any peptide product, as you can keep it fully optimised by keeping it refrigerated to prevent any bacterial growth.

How To Mix Nasal Tan

To mix your nasal tan is very simple! First, check that you have received everything that is required. 

  • The Active Ingredient (MT2) will usually be a solid white powder in a small glass jar. Each tan vial should be secure with a flip off the cap and a rubber seal. Each vial is 10mg of the active ingredient.
  • Empty nasal spray applicator. 
  • Mixing water, usually saline water. 
  • A syringe is used to mix the saline water into the active ingredient.
  1. Flip the cap off the vial and use the syringe to draw 1ml of saline water into the vial of powder. Make sure that the white powder is fully dissolved before moving to step 2. 
  2. Now use the syringe to withdraw the active ingredient from the glass vial to the nasal applicator.
  3. Top up the nasal applicator with the mixing solution. If you have a 5ml applicator, you will need to add 4ml. If you are using 10ml, add 9ml
  4. Screw the nasal applicator lid onto the bottle and, once used, place it in the fridge or cool location.
  5. Dispose of the rest of the items. You have now successfully mixed your nasal tan.

If you have bought a double strenth or triple strength, the process will be the same, but you should have 2 or 3 vials of the active ingredients. 

How To Use Nasal Tanners

Nasal tanners are so popular as they are easy to use. Put the nasal applicator up your nostril and push it down on the applicator twice. Some people like to do each nostril. This should be one time each day to get optimal results its best to use a sunbed or bath in the sun for 5-10 minutes after using the nasal spray.

How To Maintain Your Tan With Nasal Tanners

Once you have the bronze shade you desire, stop using the nasal spray every day and use it 1 – 2 times a week and reduce the sunbed sessions. When you are in the maintenance stage, you will only need a low single 10mg of nasal tan. 


Disclaimer: We do not endorse nasal tanners, Hence why we have developed alternative tanning products. please find more information about our unique tanning accelerators in our product pages.

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