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About Tan Junkie

Hey there, fellow tan enthusiast!

We're Chris and Chrissy, the faces behind Tan Junkie. Our journey began over 7 years ago, diving deep into the tanning industry. With our combined experience in cosmetics, we've seen the good, the bad, and the sunburnt. We realised that while a sun-kissed glow can make you feel fantastic (and let's be honest, make everything, including that favourite outfit, look even better), it's essential to tan safely.

That's why we created Tan Junkie. Not just as another tanning brand, but as a lifestyle choice for those who love to radiate confidence, safely. We're proud to say all our products are crafted right here in the UK, ensuring top-notch quality without any harm to our furry friends.

But we didn't stop at just products. We're on a mission to educate. Our blog is a treasure trove of advice, tips, and insights on everything from safe indoor sunbed use to getting that perfect tan on holiday. And for those who prefer a sunless glow, we've got you covered with our self-tan range.

Our promise? To provide premium tanning products packed with the latest ingredients. The goal? Help you achieve that perfect tan in less time, reducing prolonged exposure to the sun or UV rays. Because we believe in the beauty of a tan, but also in the beauty of healthy skin.

And guess what? We don't just sell our own branded products. We also offer brands and products that we personally recommend to ensure you get the best in the tanning world.

So, whether you're a tanning newbie or a seasoned sun worshipper, we're here for you. Dive into our range, explore our blog, and join us in making tanning not just a routine but a lifestyle.

Stay golden,
Chris & Chrissy

Tan Junkie
Tan Junkie
Tan Junkie