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3 tips you should know before using Tan Junkie Tanning Gel.

by Chris Bray 19 Jun 2022 0 Comments

Tan Junkies extreme tanning gel was formulated for individuals who love to tan! This product will help you tan faster with less time under the sun while achieving better tanning results than ever before.

Our tanning gels are entirely packed with skincare benefits and extreme tan-boosting ingredients. These combined together result in a glowing, beautiful bronze tan and hydrated, healthy skin.

How much Tan Junkie tanning gel should I use? 

You only need a small amount; using too much can cause your skin to feel oily. It's best to apply small amounts to different areas of your body. 

Once the gel reaches a warm temperature, it is designed to turn into a lovely oil consistency, so it's easy to spread, so keep this in mind.

Using too much won't hurt but may make you feel more oily than you need to. Not only that, but you will also waste product and not allow to get the maximum benefits for the tub.

When is the most suitable time to use Tan Junkie tanning gel?

The best time to use your tanning accelerator depends on if you are using this in an indoor sunbed or if you are using it in the natural sunlight.

For sunbeds, we recommend applying the gel 5-10 minutes before using it. Remember to use small amounts and try to work the gel by spreading it thinly to your chosen areas. Afterwards, you can use our small towels to remove any access or leave the gel on for the day ahead, giving your skin that glowing look.

The best time to use Tan Junkie's tanning accelerator gel in natural sunlight or on holiday is after applying your SPF / sun cream. It is always best to avoid the sun between 10am, and 4pm as this is when the UV is the strongest.

How long should a jar of Tan Junkie tanning gel last?

There is no correct answer for this; each person is different. Some users will visit their local tanning salons 4-5 times a week were others only 2. 

Some users will target areas they find challenging to achieve that dark bronzed look, whereas others will use it everywhere. 

Having said that, if you were lucky enough to soak up the sun daily, a tub should last 3-4 weeks.

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Tan Junkie tanning accelerator gel is suitable for everyone; it can be used on holiday or in sunbed salons. It's best to use small amounts as once it's warm, it spreads quickly, and you can add more when needed. 

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