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Before You Buy: The Surprising Truth Behind Sunbed Creams Revealed!

by Chris Bray 10 Mar 2024 0 Comments
Truth behind indoor sunbed creams

Not all sunbed creams and gels are created equal in a world captivated by the promise of a sun-kissed glow. The rise of TikTok and social media has created a wave of trendy tanning products, many of which boast quick, dramatic results.

Yet, the waters of legality, safety, and equipment compatibility are often murky. As your trusted guide in the tanning journey, Tan Junkie is here to shed light on these issues, focusing on why the choice of cream or gel goes beyond just the depth of your tan—it's about the health of your skin, the longevity of the sunbeds, and navigating the complexities of product sourcing.

The Hidden Impact of Trendy Tanning Products

It's tempting to believe that all tanning products offer the same golden promise. However, the reality is far different. Many gels and lotions, particularly those gaining popularity through TikTok, contain ingredients that can wreak havoc on sunbed acrylics and your skin.

The Problem with Unregulated Products

A significant concern with products sourced from markets like China (Alibaba), often relabeled and sold without proper regulatory approval in the UK.

The issue of these products lies in their accessibility, and the promise of rapid results, but the lack of testing and certification poses serious risks. Not only is their safety in question for your skin, but their impact on sunbed equipment can be detrimental.

These products often miss required cosmetic regulation information and miss out bad ingredients, because the products are rebranded the sellers often unknown to the liability they are taking on by selling these products for quick profits.

Tanning Gels & The Risk to Sunbed's

Many of these trendy gels contain formulations that, while aimed at accelerating the tanning process, can lead to accelerated wear and tear on sunbed components.

The primary culprit? Ingredients like mineral oils, which, though effective in hydrating the skin, can cloud sunbed acrylics, reducing UV efficacy and leading to costly replacements.

Rapid tannng gels are normally a very oily product so not only can this cause damage to very expensive equipment it makes cleaning the sunbed even harder and could burn an unknown customer of the hidden oil.

Why Invest in the Right Sunbed Cream?

  • For Your Skin: Properly regulated and certified products ensure you're not exposing your skin to potentially harmful substances.
  • For the Equipment: Sunbed-compatible products keep the machines in optimal condition, avoiding unnecessary repairs or replacements.
  • For Peace of Mind: Knowing that your products are safe, effective, and legal provides reassurance in your tanning routine.

Consulting with Salon Owners: Your Path to Safe Tanning

Salon owners meticulously select products compatible with their indoor sunbeds and are knowledgeable about which formulas will provide the best results without causing damage to the equipment and your skin.

Salons can guide you toward sunbed-safe creams and approved gels, ensuring your tanning experience is both effective and protective.

You may find that some salons do allow these tanning gels but its always best to ask before using them, they may ask you to use standing tanning beds only and using them is your own risk.

It has been known that some of the tanning gel sellers make claims like, "They only don't allow them because they are not making money from them!" This is not true, opening a Salon isnt a cheap businesses to do and to allow the salon owners to offer such good pricing even with electric increases is knowing that the maintenance of their equipment is 100% what they expect. 

Just recently i spoke to a chain of sunbed shops who told me due to the increase of customers using a very popular brand on tiktok by their customers it cost them 300% more on maintaining the sunbed plastics. 

Krown Tanning a premium sunbed salon in Sheffield renowned for providing top-tier services to its clients, has recently incurred a substantial expense. The salon faced a hefty cost exceeding £1,600 to replace the acrylics on one of their sunbeds. Such significant outlays could eventually lead to an increase in prices if they continue to be a recurring expenditure.

krown tanning sunbed issues

Rapid Tanning Gels: A Note of Caution and Advice

We recommend that all rapid tanning gels to be used for outdoor tanning only unless the salon them selfs stock and are ok with the use of these products indoor, we have our own UK made rapid tanning gels, which have been registered on the CPNP.

Tan Junkie rapid tanning gel is ideal for those sunny holiday adventures, formulated specifically to enhance your tan safely under natural sunlight. Remember, when opting for outdoor tanning, pairing these gels with a high SPF sunscreen is crucial to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Burning is harmful and counterproductive to achieving a healthy tan.

    Before You Tan: A Smart Checklist

    • Consult with Salon Staff: Ensure your chosen product is sunbed-safe and right for your skin type.
    • Patch Test: To check for skin reactions before full application.
    • Follow the Instructions: Proper application maximises benefits and safety.

    In Conclusion

    The complex tanning world confidently as myriad products compete for your attention. Wise choices protect your skin and equipment, ensuring a safe and enjoyable tanning journey. 

    Tan Junkie is committed to delivering the finest in tanning science and safety. Explore our collection today and discover why discerning tanners prefer our UK-made, certified products.

    Ready to elevate your tanning experience with products you can trust? Visit Tan Junkie for our carefully selected range of sunbed creams and outdoor tanning gels. Protect your skin and the equipment, and enjoy a flawless tan every time.

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