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White spots from sun tanning: What are they?

by Chris Bray 30 Nov 2022 0 Comments
White spots from sun tanning: What are they?

Have you ever noticed small white spots or lighter patches on your skin after tanning? If you use sunbeds regularly, you may have come across this before.

We have this guide together to explain the possible causes of the white spots/lighter patches and how to treat them with home remedies.

What are the white skin spots from sunbeds?

Before exploring the possible causes, let's try to explain the unattractive white spots. While there are many different reasons behind them, they are more than likely to be the outcome of a common skin infection caused by tanning. 

This condition usually stops the creation of melanin in the affected areas of the skin. As a result, the infected area remains lighter in colour while the rest of the body gets a colourful, bronzed tan. In other words, the infection causes changes in the colour and texture of the skin, which becomes evident when you try to get an even tan.

Reasons for white spots from tanning?

Here are the most likely reasons behind the conditions that create white spots on the skin, which get pronounced due to tanning

There is a high chance of contracting a fungal infection from tanning beds since the humidity and heat make them breeding foundations for fungal microbes once the fungus kicks into action. This fungal disorder results in white patches on the skin.

This fungal, called Tinea Versicolor, is a skin disorder in which yeast (Pityrosporum Ovale) grows uncontrollably in the skin and interrupts with the production of skin pigmentation (melanin). 

It usually happens at the places of infection and leads to lighter or darker patches, and these become more visible when the infected area remains as it is, but the rest of the skin gets tanned due to sun UV exposure. 

It can commonly be seen in young adults who live in warm and humid temperatures and tend to sweat more. Oily skin, weak immune system, etc., can cause this condition too.

Are white spots/patches from tanning dangerous?

Though they look unattractive, there is no need to panic! They are easily treatable and not dangerous to you at all. You can also rest assured that white spots from tanning are not infectious. 

The proper way to deal with such white spots is to combat the fungus causing such marks on the skin, which you can quickly correct with remedies. 

Home remedies for white spots from tanning

White spots on the skin take some time to get healed. It would be best to restrict your sun exposure until they fade away to encourage healing.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo ( Head & Shoulders Advanced )

Head & Shoulders advance contains Selenium sulphide, the active antifungal ingredient used in dandruff-fighting formulas. 

All you need to do is wash the affected areas with the shampoo and leave them to soak for five to ten minutes and then wash off, and you should repeat this until you see an improvement.

Anti-Fungal Cream

It would be best if you also visited your doctor, who can give you an antifungal containing selenium sulfide to treat the infection. Apply the cream persistently to the affected area for a week or two to get visible results. 



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