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Tan Accelerators: Everything You Need To Know About

by Chris Bray 14 Oct 2022 0 Comments
Everything You Need To Know About Tan Accelerators

Tan accelerators are becoming the must-have tanning trend; we have created a guide to help you understand everything you need to know about tan accelerators.

What is a tan accelerator?

A tan accelerator will intensify the tanning process. These products are full of skin-enriching vitamins and nutritious oils that will leave your skin smooth and soft, so not only will you tan faster they will also help prolong your tan so yor results are a deeper, darker tan with less sunbed use.

How do tan accelerators work? 

Tan accelerators enhance the melanin production in your skin to bring out your natural colour when exposed to the sun. Melanin is the pigment that gives your skin its colour, and the more melanin your skin produces, the darker your tan will become.

What are the benefits of a tan accelerator? 

The main benefits of tan accelerators are that they boost melanin production to enhance a natural glow, provide a longer-lasting tan and help your skin glow all year round with fewer UV rays.

What is the best tanning accelerator?

There are many different tanning accelerators on the market; the best tan accelerators are the ones that have been made in the UK as they are not imported from China like many on the market today.

Chinese imported products are not cosmetically tested or licenced to be sold in the UK. You can rest assured that Tan Junkie's range of tan accelerator gels and creams are made in the UK and fully registered on the UK & EU portals.

At Tan Junkie we have two diffrent types of accelerators both are pack with our custom blend of nutritious oils & skin-enriching vitamins and nutritious, to create a faster tan however they are diffrent.

Extreme Rapid Tanning Gel. 

Extreme rapid tanning gel is a soft gel which melts in your hand to an oil once it reaches body temprature. You only need a small amount of this gel as it really spreads along way. Its best to start with little amount until you get used to the product. It shouldnt be leaving you feeling greasy if it does then you are using too much. It is designed to soak into your skin using.

Tan Accelerator Cream. 

Tan Accelerator cream is a soft airy lotion that is full of advanced peptides with anti aging emollients. This is a no mess product as it works its way into the top layer of your skin, creating increase melanin production.

How much tan accelerator should I use?

When it comes to tan accelerators, it's always best to start with small amounts and add more as needed. Applying the accelerator gel or lotion 30 – 60 minutes before sun UV exposure is best. 

Does tan accelerator work without the sun?

For a tan accelerator to work, you would need natural sunlight or the use of a sunbed for the accelerator to activate melanin production.

Will tanning accelerator make you burn?

Tan accelerator isn't a replacement for sun cream; Most tan accelerators don't contain sun protection factors, also known as SPF; this is what stops you from getting sunburned from prolonged sun exposure. It would be best if you always used your everyday SPF before using an accelerator to prevent skin damage and sunburn.

 Always tan responsible and read the label carefully to prevent sun damage.


A tan accelerator maximises the results of your tanning sessions. The results are a deeper tan in half the time, making tan accelerator essential for your holiday or sunbed session. 

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