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Incredibly Black Ultra Powerful 10X Double Dark Bronzing Lotion 250ml Review

by Chris Bray 28 Aug 2023 0 Comments
Pro Tan Incrredibly Black Ultra Product Review
Key Takeaways Details
Rating 7/10
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Product Name Incredibly Black Ultra Powerful 10X Double Dark Bronzing Lotion 250ml
Review Source Amazon Reviews


Exploring the Incredibly Black Ultra Powerful 10X Double Dark Bronzing Lotion 250ml, a standout in the Incredibly Black tanning lotion reviews for its effectiveness on Amazon. Let's delve into what makes this Incredibly Black sunbed cream a must-try.

What is Bronzing Lotion?

Bronzing lotions, such as Incredibly Black, are formulated to enhance the tanning process. Incredibly Black contains bronzers but is primarily a sunbed cream, activated under sunbed lights rather than acting as a traditional fake tan.

Usage and Safety

  • Suitability for Sun Exposure: This lotion is crafted for indoor tanning (sunbeds) and does not include SPF. For outdoor use, apply your usual SPF lotion over it for sun protection.
  • Contains Bronzers: Yes, it includes bronzers, making it ideal for level 2 tanners (intermediate to advanced) with a base tan.
  • Holiday Use: While it's primarily a tan accelerator for salon sunbeds, separate sun lotion with SPF protection is recommended for holiday use outdoors.

Product Description

Pro Tan's Incredibly Black offers a 10x bronzing blend. It combines advanced tanning accelerators, natural extracts, Monoi de Tahiti oil, and aloe vera, distinguishing it in Incredibly Black tanning accelerator reviews.


This lotion features Aloe Vera Gel, Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter, Acetyl Tyrosine, and Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, making it a favorite in Incredibly Black tanning lotion reviews.

Pros and Cons from Amazon Reviews


  1. Effective with Sunbeds: Praised for its efficacy as a sunbed cream.
  2. Easy Application: Smooth application as noted in Incredibly Black sunbed cream reviews.
  3. Pleasant Scent: Frequently highlighted in Incredibly Black reviews.
  4. Quality Tan: Known for delivering a deep, glowing tan.
  5. High Repurchase Rate: Indicates strong customer satisfaction.


  1. Outdated Stock: Reports of receiving outdated products.
  2. Skin Reactions: Possible rashes, necessitating caution.
  3. Varied Efficacy: Mixed reviews on effectiveness.
  4. Value for Money: Some concerns about cost-effectiveness.
  5. Packaging Issues: Occasional leaks upon delivery.

Final Thoughts

Our rating is 7/10. Ideal for both new and experienced tanners, it's important to be aware of both its strengths and potential downsides.

Tan Junkie Assurance

Guarantee of valid expiry dates and perfect condition on delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction for products like the Incredibly Black tan accelerator.

Community Feedback

We invite your experiences with the Incredibly Black Ultra Powerful 10X Double Dark Bronzing Lotion 250ml. Share your journey, whether you're new to tanning or a seasoned enthusiast, and help enrich our community knowledge.

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