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Everything You Need to Know About Sunbed Creams

by Chris Bray 29 Jan 2023 0 Comments
Everything You Need to Know About Sunbed Creams - Tan Junkie

Why Do People Use Tanning Creams on Sunbeds?

People often turn to tanning creams on sunbeds to enhance the effects of UV radiation for a deeper, more uniform tan. Sunbeds stimulate melanin production with UV lamps, giving your skin that sought-after tan. Tanning creams can further boost this effect, leading to a more consistent tan. Remember, these creams don't offer SPF protection, so always read the label carefully.

What is the Best Cream for Laydown Sunbeds?

For laydown sunbeds, the best choice is a cream designed explicitly for sunbed use. Options like oils, accelerators, and intensifiers are popular, helping to amplify the UV effects for a richer tan. When selecting a tanning cream, ensure it's compatible with your sunbed type. For those new to this, why not try our Xtreme Melano Accelerator? It's specially formulated for laydowns and standing sunbeds, absorbing efficiently into the skin.

Supporting Your Local Tanning Salon

Your local tanning salon's sunbeds are quite the investment. Here's how you can help maintain them:

  • Use the right amount of tanning cream. Excessive amounts can damage the sunbed's acrylic surface.
  • Clean up after your session. A quick wipe-down helps keep the sunbeds pristine.
  • Adhere to the salon's rules. They're there to ensure everyone has a pleasant experience.

These small acts can make a big difference!

Do Sun Creams Ruin Salon Equipment?

Sun creams can ruin salon equipment and acrylics if not used properly. Excessive use of creams and lotions can cause buildup on the sunbed's acrylic surface, leading to discolouration, staining, and damage to the acrylic. It's crucial to use them appropriately and in moderation. Salon owners should also guide their customers on proper usage. Keep sunbed safety in mind by using our Tan Junkie products as directed for the best results.

Are Tan Junkie Creams Suitable for Sunbeds?

Absolutely! Our Sunbed range is perfect for laydown and standing sunbeds, enhancing your tan while being gentle on the equipment. Apply as directed and clean up any residual cream after use. And if your salon doesn't stock our products, suggest they do. We're continually expanding our list of stockists.

For more information and to explore our range, visit our best sun bed range. Dive into the world of sunbed tanning safely and effectively with Tan Junkie!

The Risks of Using Sunbeds

While sunbeds offer a quick way to tan, it's essential to be aware of the risks. Prolonged UV exposure can increase skin damage and cancer risks. Use sunbeds responsibly, and consult a healthcare provider if you have concerns.


Understanding the correct use of tanning creams and awareness of the risks associated with sunbeds is crucial. Support your local salon, use products as recommended, and enjoy a safe and effective tanning experience.

For those also interested in self-tanning methods, check out our beginner-friendly guide at home for more tips and tricks on getting a glowing tan without UV.

Sunbed Cream Questions Answered

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About Sunbed Creams

Are Sunbed Creams Bad for You?

Sunbed creams are not inherently bad. Using them responsibly is important. Choose creams from reputable brands, and ensure they suit your skin type. However, be aware that sunbeds can increase the risk of skin damage, so it's vital to use both sunbeds and creams cautiously.

Does Sunbed Cream Make a Difference?

Sunbed creams significantly enhance the tanning process by moisturising the skin and, in some cases, intensifying the effects of UV rays. Discover the best 2024 sunbed creams here.

What Does Sunbed Cream Do?

Ingredients in sunbed creams stimulate melanin production and moisturise the skin. They may include bronzers for an immediate tanning effect, all formulated to enhance your tan during sunbed use.

Can You Use Sunbed Creams Outside?

Although primarily designed for sunbed use, you can use some outdoor creams. However, as they typically lack SPF, applying sunscreen is crucial to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Always check the label.

Do Sunbed Creams Make You Burn?

Although sunbed creams do not cause burning, they do not protect against UV rays either. You risk skin burns from overusing sunbeds or not adhering to recommended exposure times, regardless of cream usage. Therefore, it's crucial to always tan responsibly.

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