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Super Triple strength tanning nasal spray is the perfect option for people who want an easy tanning solution, easy to use and perfect to store while on the go—a popular tanning product to take on holiday.

Going on holiday? Buy the super triple strength tanning nasal tanner, which is perfect if you want to achieve that super bronze tan in as little time as possible.

*Please note all of our products arrive unmixed; we don’t advise anyone to purchase any tanning products premixed. This will lose effectiveness, and of course, you could buy a premium price for a single nasal tan; with Tanjunkie, you know exactly what you are getting.

How to use super triple strength nasal tan:

2 sprays once per day.
Number of dosage per bottle – 15 doses per pack

What’s in this pack?:

3 x 10mg Melanotan 2 (3 vials)
1 x 5ml nasal bottle
1 x Saline water
1 x Insulin Syringe (for the mixing process)

Once you are happy with your desired tanning shade, all you need is a small maintenance spray every 3 – 4 days.

Buy from a trusted seller, and all parcels are tracked to ensure a discreet, fast, secure service.


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